8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Rain Gutters

8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Rain Gutters

Rain gutters offer a variety of benefits to home and business owners, the main one being protection from water damage to your property which can end up being very costly. That is why it is important to regularly maintain and clean gutters. The professional gutter cleaners Perth residents rely on, ProFlo, have created a list of some interesting facts you may not know about your gutters.

#1 Rain gutters used to be made from wood

Did you know that rain gutters were originally made from wood? Rain gutters nowadays are made from a variety of different materials such as; lead, iron painted steel, copper, etc., depending on the size and need. Due to the wood absorbing all of the water, leading to damage, the switch from wood to more durable materials were made quickly.

#2 Toys are found in rain gutters

Gutter cleaning professionals find so many different objects and debris inside gutters each year, including children’s toys! Lego pieces, balls, dolls, miniature cars are all found in gutters quite often by gutter cleaning professionals.

#3 Rain Gutters were invented in 3000BC

Rain gutters came to fruition thanks to the Indus Civilisation who used rain gutters to transport water from one place to another. Rain gutters were then employed when the Roman Empire came to power as a means of draining water off the roads.

#4 Gargoyles were used on Gutters

Gargoyles used to be used by Ancient Greeks and Romans. Water would run down and then be diverted off the roof by use of gargoyles. It was also a held belief that gargoyles used to ward off evil spirits.

#5 Cars used to have rain gutters

In the 1900s, rain gutters were installed on cars to stop passengers from getting wet when exiting the vehicle. The rain gutters changed the air flow dynamic and were therefore have since been removed.

#6 Rain gutters require regular maintenance

Almost all areas of the home that are exposed to the outdoors will require some form of maintenance, rain gutters are no exception. Rain gutters may require the most maintenance out of the entire property depending on their size and the weather conditions in the area.

To make sure you’re not left with clogged rain gutters and costly property damage call ProFlo today on 0417 183 121, the experts in Perth Gutter Cleaning.

#7 Rain gutters can become fire hazards

When rain gutters become clogged full of dried leaves and twigs, and become a real danger during bushfire season. Dry organic matter is especially dangerous due to its combustibility and tendency to spread quickly. This is why it’s important for Professional Perth Gutter Cleaners to do regular maintenance and inspection checks of your roof.

#8 Clogged rain gutters are a breeding ground for insects

Did you know stagnant water and moist organic matter is a breeding ground for insects and pests, especially mosquitoes. To avoid exposure to nasty pests and protect your health, it’s important to have your rain gutters cleaned regularly and properly by professionals.

For some more reasons on why it’s important to have your gutters cleaned, read our blog post, Why It’s Important to Have Your Gutters Cleaned.

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