5 tips for pressure washing fences

Have you noticed your fence is looking a bit dirty lately? Could it use a deep cleaning using a pressure washer? If the answer is yes, you’ve likely thought about hiring a business specializing in pressure washing cleanings. Pressure washing is an excellent method of cleaning a large space in a brief time period. It doesn’t make any sense to scrub the outside of a fence one board at a time. Pressure washing will clean faster, penetrate deeper, and safely restore treated products.

Can you clean a wooden fence using a pressure washer? Of course; however, there are some things to do to ensure that you do not damage the fence. 

5 Tips For Pressure Washing Fences

  • First, address all extremely dirty spaces using a wire brush to remove heavily trapped debris. 

  • Cover all plants using a plastic sheet that protects them from damage.

  • It is probably better to use a 25° nozzle for washing fences. The degrees will determine the pressure; therefore, a zero-degree nozzle generates the most pressure. Nozzles are usually color-coded according to their pressure, and the most common colors include:

Red: 0° – The most pressure. Do not use it on wood fences unless you want to produce damage

Yellow: 15° – Adequate force to strip surfaces – great for hard porous, concrete surfaces

Green: 25° – Great for painted surfaces such as fences, siding, wood

White: 40° – This is safe to use on screens and windows

Black: 65° – Used to spray on detergents 

  • Stand around 2’ away from your fence to avoid risking damage.

  • Always use cold water, since hot water may cause grain raising, as well as subsequent premature fence aging. Put plainly, do not power wash, because they use heat and pressure washers don’t.

Pressure Washing a Wood Fence

If you’re looking to use a detergent, be certain that you get one made especially for wood. Spray the cleaner on using a spray-on nozzle which is typically the black 65° tip. Spray from bottom to top using a couple of board’s width in every pass. Check with the detergent manufacturer on how long to leave it on the fence, but you will not want to allow it to dry. 

Then, begin with a 25° nozzle tip that sprays off the detergent. Work from top to bottom, and then overlap your passes. When complete, allow the fence to dry before you apply a sealer or stain if you are going that route. 

And there you have it! Steps to wash a wooden fence using a pressure washer. It is pretty easy, and if you follow those tips you should not do any damage to the fence.

Why Should You Power Wash Fences?

Do not allow your whole house to look shabby because of a tired, worn-looking fence. First impressions count! But the majority of homeowners underestimate the effect the appearance of their fence has on the way other people view their home. Once something must be done your original instinct might be to install a new fence. But wait! Before you shell out a lot of money for a new fence, consider this fast fix: a good pressure wash. Cleaning the grime and dirt from an existing fence will give it an entirely new life.

Benefits of Pressure Washing the Fence

Pressure Washing Makes What Is Old Appear New

Nothing brings a worn-out, old fence back to life like a thorough scrubbing. Restoring old wood requires the removal of all that accumulated grime and dirt. It might be difficult to get through all of that dirt with a pressure washing. However, once cleaned, the wood is prepared for a new coat of paint or stain, and that will make it appear brand new!

Pressure Washing Makes Your Home Appear More Inviting

Give your whole exterior a fast facelift with a professional pressure wash job. Refreshing the fence is an excellent place to begin since it’s frequently the first thing guests see while driving up to your house. Create a more inviting appearance by stripping years of use from the fence.

Pressure Washing Provides All-Around Maintenance

Mildew and mold will attack wood fence railings and posts over a period of time, which leaves them susceptible to weakening and insects. Even vinyl fences aren’t immune from damage. Routine pressure washing helps preserve wooden railings and posts and keeps vinyl appearing its best.

 Pressure Washing Increases the Value of Your Property 

If you’re attempting to sell your property, you want it to appear as good as possible. A clean, fresh fence will make the whole house shine and allow potential buyers to know that the house is well cared for. That perception will add to the property value.

Calling in a Pressure Wash Company

When you take on a job like this, it’s vital that you allow a professional company to handle the project. There’s equipment available to rent; however, you might potentially do more damage while cleaning if you aren’t familiar with how to use a pressure washer. You’ll save money and time when you enable the professionals to take over. It’s possible to have peace of mind knowing that they’ll do the project correctly the first time.

It’s critical to hire a professional. A homeowner might believe that they can handle the project, but may not be correctly trained or know how to adjust pressure settings for various surfaces. Doing it on your own might ruin your fence, or worse yet, place you at risk of becoming injured! By their very nature, pressure washers are extremely powerful these days. Even the smaller ones have sufficient power to cause severe bodily injury. 

Professionals are familiar with the machines and have the right protective equipment and training to tackle these projects. Putting your trust in the hands of insured and licensed professionals is a no-brainer. Safety is always of the utmost importance when professional technicians deal with high-power machines. A professional is able to adjust settings on the machinery to correctly do the job. It helps accomplish the proper results. The proper settings are important to prevent the stripping of grain or other types of coatings on numerous surfaces that surround a residence.

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