5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Performing commercial cleaning services on your own can be expensive, time-consuming and inefficient, especially when there are more important tasks to be handled day after day. That’s why commercial cleaning companies exist; so that you can maintain the condition of your business premises without sacrificing your precious time or effort.

Commercial cleaning comes with a lot of benefits. However, you shouldn’t place your trust in just anyone to get the job done correctly. Instead, we’d advise you to ask yourself these 5 questions before hiring a commercial cleaning company:

1. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Experience can’t always disclose everything, but what it can do is point you in the right direction of a worthwhile commercial cleaning company. When you come across a company who has been providing commercial cleaning services for a couple of decades, you can generally expect them to know what they’re doing. After all, how else would they have remained in business for so long? Experience allows companies to become better, faster and more accurate in what they do. So, if you want to ensure a job well done, try and seek out a company who has a couple of years or decades of experience.

2. What Type of Equipment Do They Use?

Different equipment is suitable for performing different types of cleaning jobs. So, make sure that you enquire with your cleaning company about the equipment they use, its risks, and whether it’s safe for use in specific areas or on certain features existing on your site.

3. Are Team Members Accredited?

There are plenty of health and safety requirements to consider when carrying out commercial cleaning services. So, if you want to ensure that your site is cleaned to quickly, carefully, and according to the appropriate standards, you’ll want to look out for a cleaning company that is fully accredited and certified. For instance, here at ProFlo, our team are accredited under the Work Place Clearance Group (WPCG), meaning that we are qualified to perform cleaning services on a variety of high-risk sites.

4. Are They Environmentally Conscious?

For too long, we’re relied on harsh and hazardous chemicals to do all the dirty work- quite literally. When used for the wrong applications, these cleaning agents can not only cause physical damage, but also pose as a risk towards the environment. If you want to rest assured knowing that your cleaning company is making an effort to lower their environmental footprint, make sure that you enquire about their level of sustainability. Look out for cleaning companies who offer biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solutions as well.

5. What Do Their Reviews and Ratings Suggest?

Thanks to Google My Business and social media platforms such as Facebook, you can easily get a sense of the standards commercial cleaning companies perform their services to. These platforms allow customers to share detailed accounts of their experiences with the brand. Moreover, it can show you how dedicated the company is towards customer service. Take note of how these businesses reply to reviews posted about them online. If their ratings are high, or if you can see the business actively trying to communicate with unsatisfied customers to try and resolve their problem, you can feel a lot more confident about reaching out to them.

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